3 New Ideas for Trading the Markets

TradingPub Admin | October 1, 2014

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The process of becoming a more consistent and confident trader requires investing first and foremost in your trading education. That's why we at the TradingPub are committed to connecting you to professional traders who can help you take a step closer towards becoming the trader you want top be. The September edition of the TradingPub Trading Sprint did not fall short of meeting our commitment, and every attendee walked away with at least three (3) new ideas they can use in their trading activities right away! The Trading Sprint featured 3 presenters whose topics, bullets and videos are included below for your viewing enjoyment.

Hubert Senters - "The Death of Fundamental Analysis"

During his presentation, Hubert shared how trading fundamentally sound companies, using technical analysis to make entries and exits,  has worked best for him over his trading career. The key points he stressed included:

  • Basics of Fundamental Analysis
  • Advantages and Shortcomings of Commonly used Chart Types
  • Technical analysis and the importance of price
  • Chart Pattern Recognition

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Jarratt Davis - "Demystifying Fundamental Analysis"

Jarratt's presentation centered on how he gets ready to trade the Forex markets with a specific focus on the following topics:

  • Fundamental Analysis and Sentiment Analysis
  • Central Banks - Given Data Points
  • News Calendar - Market Moving Events
  • Step by Step Process of Understanding Fundamentals

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James Ramelli - "Trade Any Stock You Want At A Discount"

James specializes in trading equity options, and during his presentation he explained how trading options can help traders better leverage their returns and minimize overall risk with the following techniques:

  • Using Options to Trade the Equities Markets
  • Swing or Day Trading with Options
  • Leveraging Better Risk/Reward Returns
  • Taking Advantage of Implied Volatility and Time Decay

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