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Site Administrator | April 24, 2012

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12:00 pm/CT to 12:30 pm/CT - Alla Peters of AlphaWaveTrader on "How to Trade With Repetitive Patterns and Uses No Indicators"

Description: Would you like to learn a method that requires no indicators and uses simple, easily recognizable price patterns? If so, learn about how Alla uses pure price action to trade the mini Russel and Euro Currency futures products ....with no unreliable lagging indicators cluttering her chart.. Her secret? Price patterns that repeat over and over again every day. Look at the charts she shows you and learn a simple way to identify the best and most powerful turns in the market.

Session 1 Recording

12:30 pm/CT - 1:00 pm/CT - John Kmiecik of MarketTaker  on "Picking the Right Strike for Long Calls"

Description: Have you ever bought a call option and been 100% right about the direction of the underlying stock -- but your option still expired worthless? Chances are, you bought at the wrong strike price. Let John show you the pros and cons of in-the-money (ITM), at-the-money (ATM) and out-of-the-money (OTM) options. Most importantly, he'll provide you with little-known wisdom about the set-ups in the underlying stock that are conducive to each type of strike price. If you trade options, you must attend this webinar.

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1:00 pm/CT to 1:30 pm/CT - Bill "The Greek" Costarides of DTI on "Powerful Advantages of Trading After Hours That Few Traders Know About"

Description: Bill Costarides has been trading the S&P E-Minis during the After Hours for over 10 years. He'll show you why traders who are frustrated with their performance might see better results trading at night. Join Bill as he shows you how the behavior of the S&P at night is dramatically different and...more predictable. If you have a tough time believing that you could trade successfully at night, Bill may very well change your mind.

Session3 Recording

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