3 Trading Sessions You Don’t Want to Miss

TradingPub Admin | November 26, 2014

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November is a month that begins the holiday season. It is also a time to reflect and give thanks and that is why we wanted to start with saying thank you to all who came by and made not only our November edition of the Trading Sprint a great success, but each event we have held over the course of this year.

Yesterday we had an outstanding line-up of expert traders and want to also thank them all for taking time to prepare and share their trading ideas with us. Each speaker did a terrific job of demonstrating some of their favorite trading strategies and answering great follow-up questions from the audience. We believe we met our objective of helping each and every attendee walk away from yesterday'session with at least one good new idea they can use in their trading right away.

Many of you asked for a recording of yesterday's session and you can find these listed below along with a link to the special offers that were extended to TradingPub members.

Mark Sebastian - Option Pit: "Riding The Triple Income Wheel: Trading Puts And Covered Calls In Sequence To Produce Income"

Watch the video and learn more about:

  • The structure of a covered call
  • The structure of a cash secured put
  • How time premium decays
  • The perfect covered call
  • The perfect cash secured put
  • The 5 "secrets" of a great covered call/cash secured put
  • Hot to trade the income wheel


After the class Mark extended an offer for a "4-Day Options Trading Boot Camp" from December 9-12 including 8 hours of online training and 1-week access to his live trading room. This is a limited time offer and availble for only $97 for the first 25 people that sign up.

To learn more and sign up for Mark's boot camp, simply CLICK HERE  Use this code 24Trade for an extra discount.

Vince Vora - Trading Wins:  "Our Favorite Trade Setup of 2014".

Watch the full trading education video with Vince below to learn more about:

  • Money management rules
  • What you will need (Hardware/Software) to apply this system
  • Vince's favorite trade setup
  • Some live chart review


Sign up for Vince's powerful "Favorite Trade Setup" class on December 5th and receive additional support & resistance levels that will improve your trading accuracy, as well as, Fibonacci tools and additional setups that will help drive greater consistency.  This is a limited time offer and is available for only $97 to TradingPub members.

To reserve your spot, simply CLICK HERE

John Seville - Acorn Wealth Corporation:  "Profitable Trades and Targets" 

John covered the following main points in his class:

  • Global economic review and how the global economy does affect traders
  • A more narrow look at the current micro economic state of our nation and how does this affect the markets
  • How to make trading decisions and not let the noise affect you
  • Tips to put your emotions in check and avoid making trading errors
  • A trading strategy for finding strong setups


Join John for his "Profitable Trades and Targets: Stock Scanning Workshop" on December 4th and get two  hours of instruction and tools on how to scan the markets and spot high probability trades in less than 15 minutes. This is a limited time offer and is only $47 for the first 100 people that register.

To sign up - CLICK HERE

Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving!

The Trading Pub Team