52 Trade Setups from an Industrial Engineer [Strategy Video]

TradingPub Admin | June 10, 2013

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An industrial engineer who has been trading since 1974 just released a video that shows a strategy he uses for 52 trade setups.

The Video is free, there is no sales pitch and by registering you gain access to Videos 2 and 3 of the series that will be released later in the week.

Access the Video Here

You will learn the following from watching the video:

  • Strategy that can be used in Cash, Margin and IRA Accounts
  • 4 minute mark– Winning Trade Example with AAPL
  • 7 minute mark – Losing Trade Example with FCX (Not all trades are winners)
  • 10 minute mark – This Trader’s Strategy
  • Why you can’t “blindly apply this strategy”

Access the Trade Strategy Here

*There is a comments area below the video where you can comment or ask questions about the strategy after watching.


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