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TradingPub Admin | August 31, 2012

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Session 1 - Dan Passarelli of MarketTaker on "The Ultimate Credit Spread Set Up"
Credit spreads can be high probability trades. But sometimes that means the risk-reward is compromised. If not set up properly, the advantages of a credit spread can turn to disadvantages. Traders need to set up credit spreads correctly, right from the start. Dan Passarelli's session covers his ultimate set up for a credit spread.

Session 2 - Benjamin Lee of ThinkTradeThink on "7 Killer Trading Mistakes That Can Stop You From Being Profitable"
If you’re sick and tired of not making the money you believe that you deserve when you trade, Benjamin Lee will take you through the 7 Killer Trading Mistakes That Can Stop You From Being Profitable. Consistently profitable traders recognize the importance of trading psychology to their profitability. After you’ve seen his presentation, you’ll be able to eliminate the major roadblocks that keep you from being consistently profitable.

Session 3 - A.J. Brown of TradingTrainer on " Half Condors: How To Place, Time and Preselect the Individual Options to Optimize Profits Around Time Decay and Implied Volatility Changes "
A.J. Brown will show you how the use of "Half Condors" is far superior to trading standard Condors. With examples and diagrams, he will demonstrate how to place a half condor to get the best risk to reward ratio. To ensure that you're getting the most benefit from time decay and changes in implied volatility, A.J. will also provide you with his proprietary test criteria. Plus, you'll come away how to best enter these positions based on the underlying's price action.

Session 4 - Brian Neall of TradeToBeFree on "How to Quickly Find Stocks Poised to Explode Higher"
Ever buy a stock with a perfect technical setup, only to see it...plunge? Let stock trader Brian Neall show you the one critical ingredient most traders ignore: Fundamentals. In his own research, Brian shows you how this one technique would have quadrupled your money over the past five years while the overall market went nowhere and many popular methods had mediocre results. Learn how Brian applies this to his own personal account.

Session 5 - Colin Quina of on "3 Strategies for Binary Options That You Can Apply This Fall"

Binary options are one of today's fastest growing new trading vehicles. Colin will provide you with a full overview of how binary options provide you with an "all or none" opportunity to profit, based on price crossing a threshold over a specific time frame. Don't miss this session because Colin will then walk you through 3 strategies that are designed for different market conditions.

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