6 Low-Risk Trading Setups

TradingPub Admin | April 14, 2016

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At the TradingPub we focus on connecting you with some of the best trading educators and specialist in the financial services industry, so that you may learn from their considerable knowledge and expertise when trading and investing in the markets.

And on this point, yesterday's special webinar with Jack Gleason (Major League Trading) fully met our objective. Jack is an accomplished trader and hosts a daily live trading room where he shares his favorite strategies for trading the futures and Nadex binary options markets.

The focus of Jacks's presentation was on 6 Low-Risk Trading Setups and here are some of the main points that were covered:

  • How he turned $250 into $16,000 using these setups
  • The main reason he now makes money as opposed to losing money
  • Why the Charge Trade is his favorite setup
  • And more ....

For your convenience, here is a recording of Jack's complete presentation:

Jack also shared a great deal for TradingPub members on his Nadex Master Course including:

  • 6 Proprietary Setups That Generated great profits
  • Access To The Only CFTC Regulated Binary Options Exchange
  • Initial Trading Cost Reduction Tips
  • Access To The MLT Glossary
  • 5 Trading Rules That Jack Uses Everyday

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