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Site Administrator | July 20, 2012

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There was an absolute ton of great education shared this past Thursday at the TradingPub (yes we measured and it came out to a ton).  We have posted a recap of the sessions and recordings below.  Enjoy!

11:00 am/CT to 11:30 PM/CT - Dan Passarelli of MarketTaker on "How to Adjust Losing Income Trades Back Into Profitable Territory"

11:30am/CT to 12:00 PM/CT - Brad Powell of Right Angle Trading on "How ETFs Can Elevate Your Trading"

12:00 PM/CT to 12:30 PM/CT - Brian Neall of TradetoBeFree on "Investing and Trading Stocks with Rapidly Improving Fundamentals"

12:30 PM/CT 1:00 PM/CT - Sean McKesson of eMiniSchool on "Anticipation: Most Important Aspect of Trading"

1:00 P.M/CT - 1:30 PM/CT - Alan Morrison (aka Professor Alan) of Dimension Traders on "Indicators Winners Swear By"

1:30 pm/CT to 2:00 pm/CT - Colin Quina of on "3 Strategies for Binary Options That You Can Apply This Summer"


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