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Site Administrator | November 18, 2011

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We are very grateful for Dr. Barry Burns of and Aamar Hussain of for taking the time to share outstanding education at the TradingPub yesterday!  One of our goals at the TradingPub is to bring top traders in to share their insights with traders around the globe and with the two excellent speakers and the crowd we had yesterday we definitely took a big step towards accomplishing that goal!

Here is a look at the trading community that came together for some good old fashioned education held at the TradingPub!

Dr. Burns helped give our patrons a Ph.D in Fibonacci as he taught:

  • Which highs and lows to use for drawing Fibonacci retracements
  • Whether to use the real bodies or the wicks of candlesticks for drawing Fibonacci levels
  • The best chart time intervals for using Fibonacci levels
  • How to use Fibonacci time extensions and Fibonacci clusters
  • How to use Candlesticks with Fibonacci
He also was kind enough to offer a free five day video course that can be found available here:  Five Day Course.  We highly recommend you taking the time to learn more from Dr. Burns in his Five Day Video Series!
Aamar from PivotFarm is one of the leading experts in support and resitance trading in the world.  He has probably forgotten more about support and resistance than we could ever hope to know so we greatly appreciate him sharing some of his insights on using Support and Resistance to create an edge.  Aamar walked us through the following types of support and resistance:
  • Reactive vs. Proactive
  • Pivot Points
  • Volume Profile
  • Elliott Wave
  • Open Gaps
  • Initial Balance
Aamar was also kind enough to offer our Patrons a special offer of 50% off of his support and resistance levels that are published across 9 different markets each day.  You can learn more about those levels at this link:  PivotFarm Levels which all come with a 7-day free trial.  We highly recommend you taking the time to utilize the 7 day trial.
Because there was so much great information available, we have made this recording available for review by clicking the following link.  It will be great material to focus on over a weekend or after the market when you can devote your full attention to the material covered.  In the meantime, be sure to check out the great things that Dr. Burns and Aamar have going on at their respective sites: and
Recording from Event:  Trading Education


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