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Over the past year we have hosted all kinds of events on options trading.  Most of the events focused on trade analysis, particular option strategies but we have never really hosted one that covered the fundamentals of options and helped answer the basic question of why or how to trade options. We kicked off September with a bang yesterday as we were joined by Frank Stanley, Ph.D.  One thing that we mentioned in our email before the start of the event was that the markets during the summer had seemed a bit boring based on the recent trade in the indices.  Almost everyone knows the saying, "only the strong survive."  Well, in trading, we believe that it is the flexible who survive and one of the best ways to be flexible is to understand strategies that work for multiple market scenarios.  With options, it is possible to take advantage of fast, slow, rising and falling markets.  Does this means that by understanding options you will always make money?  Absolutely not, but we do believe that anytime a trader can take utilize strategies that help reduce risk and that is extremely valuable!

During his time with us, Dr. Frank shared:

  • Two Trade Ideas for September
  • Leveraging Equity While Understanding Volatility
  • Understanding the Greeks
  • Strategies to Control Your Risk
  • Flexible Trading Techniques

To view a recording of this presentation, please click the link below:

During the presentation, Dr. Frank offered an opportunity for TradingPub members to gain access to his Options Fundamentals DVD as well as one month of his weekly Options Meetings.  You can learn more about Dr. Franks Fundamentals of Options DVD here.

If there are any future options topics you would like us to host presentations on, please let us know in the comments section below!


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