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Site Administrator | June 13, 2012

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Special thanks to Adam Gabriel from "Buy Today Sell Tomorrow" for making his first stop by the Pub and sharing some excellent education on trading in these crazy markets.  Adam shared a wealth of knowledge but one of the things we most appreciated was him taking the time to share his top 10 trading rules along with his Pre-Market and Aftermarket Routine.  We have listed these below as well as a copy of the recording so that you can review!

Adam's Trading Rules:

  1. Capital Preservation is key!
  2. Risk Management: Know your risk before you trade.
  3. Set Proper Position Sizing
  4. Set Ideal Entry Point, Profit Target and Stop Loss
  5. Cut Losing Trades Short and Let Winning Trades Run!
  6. Do Not Modify Your Stop Loss Target.
  7. Trade What You See- Not What You Might Think.
  8. Don't Trade on Emotions.
  9. Market Tops and Bottoms are a Process, Not an Event.
  10. Accept Full Responsibility for Your Trades at All Times - Win, Lose or Draw
Adam's Pre-Market Daily Routine:
  1. Check the FOREX Market
  2. Listen to Bloomberg and CNBC for Comedic Relief 🙂
  3. Check Trading Account
  4. Watch Pre-Market Winners and Losers.  Place Bids or Sell.
Adam's Aftermarket Daily Routine:
  1. Review Daily Trades
  2. Listen to more Bloomberg & CNBC for Comedic Relief 🙂
  3. Any Aftermarket Movers?
  4. If so, place a Bid or Sell into Aftermarket News.
You can view the recording of this session in its entirety by clicking the video below:
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