A Truly Golden Session!

Site Administrator | November 11, 2011

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We received what might have been the best feedback from any event we have done up to this point.  Professional Trader, Geof Smith, shared his current thoughts on the gold and silver markets along with his forecast for 2012.  Geof shared actions from several different central banks that could have major implications to the gold market, the effect of the US Dollar and also an outlook on inflation.  As far as the gold market goes, he educated on the different ways to buy gold through the use of gold futures, gold ETFs and option trading strategies.  During the hour long session, Geof took our patrons through:

  • Key Numbers 101
  • Long Term Outlook
  • Charting Gold and Silver on a Weekly and Daily Chart
  • Risk Management
  • Important Gold and Silver Numbers to Know

If you would like to view the recording of this power-packed session, please click the link below (it will remain on the site for a few days and then move into our "Premium Pub":

Recording:  Trading Gold and Silver

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