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Site Administrator | April 20, 2012

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We have had several different trader talk style events over the past 10 months but never one quite like this one. We were joined by three outstanding traders who shared on everything from trading index futures, soybeans, crude oil, AAPL, FIRE, DLTR, Level 2 and 3 trading and also keys to understanding the forex market. We would like to thank all of the traders from around the globe who took the time to join us and learn from Tom Busby of DTITrader, Fausto Pugliese of Cyber Trading University and Dean Malone of CompassFX. We have listed a recap and review of each session below as Tom, Fausto and Dean shared lessons learned from their experience in the markets:

Session 1 with Tom Busby on trading index futures, crude oil and AAPL:

To gain access to a free trading session with DTI, please click here: Live Trading Session

Session 2 with Fausto Pugliese on market maker traps, secrets to simplify daytrading stocks and establishing risk/reward:

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Session 3 with Dean Malone on learning to trade key levels, identifying one of two setups and trading one of two key trades:

To learn more about CompassFX, please click the following link: CompassFX

Special thanks to all the great traders who joined in for this special event from around the globe!


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