Adam Mesh and Todd Horwitz on The Options Money Machine

TradingPub Admin | October 22, 2014

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The Trading Pub is always on the lookout for experienced, professional traders that are willing to share their ideas and techniques with our members, and yesterday's event with Adam Mesh and Todd "Bubba" Horwitz did not disappoint. Adam and Todd have more than 50 years of combined experience trading stocks and options, and are regular contributions on Bloomberg, Fox Business News, CNBC and other major business news outlets.

The focus of the presentation was on how to trade weekly options for consistent and incremental income generation. Here are some of the main takeaway points covered during the event:

  • Origin Of The Options Money Machine
  • What Is The Strategy Behind It
  • Real Life Examples Of The Strategy In Action

Adam began by reviewing his personal trading history and how he came to develop the Options Money Machine and apply it in weekly options trading for quicker capital turnover, higher leverage, and limited risk.

So, what is the Options Money Machine? It was designed to emulate what tier 1 Hedge Funds and active investors like Carl Icahn and others do to take advantage of the markets. The goal was to develop an income strategy that would consistently yield $150-300 per week with over a 70% annualized return. In addition, it was felt that this system would also improve trader discipline by focusing on weekly results and eliminating the tendency to over trade.

Essentially, the Options Money Machine relies on weekly option spreads to generate high probability trades.  Every Thursday at 10:30 am EST, Adam and his team select which weekly options have the highest probability of finishing in the money by the following week -ending expiration date. These trades are then placed and in most cases no further adjustments are made.  On rare occasions, an alert will be sent out to modify a trade or exit before expiration to minimize a potential loss.

Adam and Todd like to limit the number of new traders they work with so they can provide the kind of focused attention they feel is necessary to properly address the individual needs of their clients.  And in this regard, they made a special offer to Trading Pub members for access to their comprehensive Options Money Machine Program. This offer was limited to the first 25 people to sign-up for one of their annual or bi-annual plans including the following services:

  • Weekly Options Trading Recommendations and Alerts
  • Premium phone and email support
  • Access to Adam and Todd's Live Trading Room

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