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Site Administrator | May 21, 2012

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What Is Your Resume For Trading?

Special Guest Post by Adrienne Toghraie, Trader’s Coach from

If you were hiring for the position of a trader based upon what you know about yourself, would you hire someone like yourself as an apprentice trader or a professional trader? What would you base your decision on? How much would you be willing to risk of your own money on a person like yourself?

If the answer is “no,” what do you believe it would take for you to qualify as someone that you would hire?

Over the years I have seen extremely impressive resumes of people wanting to become professional traders. But just because your personal life, education and business life have been successful, it does not mean that your life experiences:

  • Qualify you to be a trader
  • Make you deserve to be a trader
  • Give you what it takes to be a trader

Although, it is true that there are qualities within a good life that will help you to be a trader. Qualities such as:

  • Discipline
  • Passion
  • Consistency
  • Persistence

Trading is about that combination and more. Becoming a successful trader is about:

  • Having the resources such as money, education and a business plan
  • Overcoming the issues that will allow you to recognize opportunity
  • Risking hard earned money
  • Believing in your strategy and yourself
  • Creating a working and personal environment that will allow for success
  • Doing whatever it takes to overcome your self-imposed limitations
  • Having proven success in following a strategy that is profitable

If you had all of the qualities, resources and abilities just mentioned, I am sure that you as an employer would hire such a person to trade your money.

So now what do you have to do to improve your resume as a trader? Are you willing to do it? If your answer is full of excuses, and roadblocks, this is what makes the difference between someone who will have a good resume and someone who will be among those who never make it as a trader.

Dreaming with empty pockets

There was a young man, Robert, who came to my booth at a trade show and said that he was on his way to becoming a successful trader. I asked him when he started and he answered that this was his first day. He wanted to know what I had to offer. I watched as this young man went around to each booth asking others in booths the same question. Later that day he came to my workshop at the conference and decided to purchase my home study course. He said that everyone at the conference seemed to say that ultimately discipline and the psychology of trading was the most important, so he knew where he should start.

Robert took my Trader’s Evaluation before even picking up a book on trading. From the evaluation I was able to advise him on the type of trading that he should consider, teachers who I would recommend and the psychological issues that he had to overcome. I gave him a course of action, which he completed within one year. It is important to note that Robert had to borrow the money from his parents to purchase my course.

Robert’s parents funded his trading business, and he is now a profitable trader. What I saw in Robert was a person who saw himself as a trader from the beginning. He was determined that he would not let anything get in the way of him becoming a trader.


Before you invest more of your hard earned money and limited time into trading, recognize if you are willing to do whatever it takes to be qualified to be a top trader. If not, then find something else you are passionate about. If you are, then there is a place for you as a professional trader.


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