April Trading Education Marathon

TradingPub Admin | April 10, 2015

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At the TradingPub we focus on connecting top experts from the financial industry with traders and investors, like you, who are trying to become more confident and consistent in your trading. We believe that the information shared during our Trade-A-Thons is unsurpassed and the new ideas presented will help you all get a step closer to achieving your trading goals.

Our April edition of the Trade-A-Thon is now in the books with more than 600 of you stopping by to learn and trade throughout the day! We would like to thank you all for your support and help in making this Trade-A-Thon a big success!

We would like to thank our incredible roster of presenters, each of whom took time out of their busy days to share trading education and ideas on how they approach the markets with consistency and success. Whether your interests were in stocks, options, futures, or Nadex, we had you covered, but more importantly, everyone should have been able to take away at least three things they could use in their trading activities right away.

We need to give special thanks to our good friends at for their ongoing support of TradingPub, and sponsorship of our Trade-A-Thon events. And if for some reason you are not familiar with Nadex, or how to trade Binary Options on their exchange, please check out the free video library we have put together on Binary Options, and why this may be an interesting new way for you to diversify your trading portfolio- Access Here

As promised, here are the video replays of all the presentations that were given at our April 9th, 2015 Trade-A-Thon.  They have been separated by speaker and topic for your convenience and easy reference.


Dr. Adrian Manz, Trader Insight

"The BEST First Hour Trading Set-up"

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Dr. Barry Burns, Top Dog Trading

"Simple Tips to Dramatically Improve Your Trading Discipline, Remove Fear and Hesitation, and Trade with Confidence and Consistency."

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Sean Kozak, Shark Indicator and Daniel Roe, Trade The Plan

"The Rolls Royce of System Software"

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Pat Barham, Trade The System

"The Holiday Trade"

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John Seville, Acorn Wealth Corp

"The Secret Sauce of Trading"

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Justin Weinraub, Day Trade The Markets

"3 Proven & Unique Strategies For Holding Winning Trades Longer AND Getting Out Of Losing Trades Sooner"

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Ray Burchett, Intuitive Development

"Knowing Who, What, And When To Trust"

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Dan Keegan, Options Authority

"The One Strategy Every Options Trader Needs to Master"

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Saul Shaoul, CME Pit Intelligence 

"Learn How to Scalp the Market Like the Pros"

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 Cam White, Trading Pub

"High Probability Strategies With Nadex Binary Options"

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