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Zuckerberg, in FTC trial, says Meta focused on building comms apps

Cam White | December 20, 2022

By Katie Paul and Diane Bartz SAN JOSE/WASHINGTON (Reuters) -Meta Platforms boss Mark Zuckerberg said the company is focused on building communications apps and developer platforms, speaking on Tuesday at a high-profile trial over the future of its budding metaverse business. Wearing a blue suit, a white mask, and glasses, Zuckerberg appeared in federal court in […]

How to Leverage Market Forces By Trading the News

Cam White | December 19, 2022

So, what is a market force? Simply, it is a force that moves a market.  Volume could be a force, or news could be a force. There are many forces that could move a market. This year we have had several different forces moving the market.  tarting out, all thought the market and economy would continue to boom […]

Learning Technical Analysis the Right Way

Cam White | December 16, 2022

It’s Not Difficult To Learn Technical Analysis Strategies During the last two days I presented basic techniques for beginners who want to learn technical analysis trading strategies. More specifically I focused on my favorite indicator the Exponential Moving Average or EMA for short. The first day I covered the basics of the indicator and demonstrated […]

What Every Smart Investor Should Know about Market Pullbacks

Cam White | December 15, 2022

Here’s a lesson in greed and fear. Early October 2018 was quite painful for the average investor. The major indices fell out of the sky. The tech-heavy NASDAQ fell from 8,100 to 7,300. The S&P 500 dropped from 2,925 to 2,725. And, after hitting an all-time high of 26,951, the Dow Jones Industrials plummeted 1,400 points. Of […]

How to Eliminate Emotions in Trading

Cam White | December 14, 2022

The psychology of investing not only affects individual investors but also affects the market as a whole. Many investors often underestimate or are unaware of the effects that our emotions have on our return on investment. Many well educated and competent traders lose money due to trading anxiety and trading emotions. In today’s article we […]