Best Class Ever???

TradingPub Admin | February 11, 2013

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This Saturday was a record setting class for us at the TradingPub!  We had over 2070 people tune in throughout the event.  We might have to rename the Half Day Class to the Full Day Class because we did not wrap things up until around 3:00 pm!  We are so very appreciative to all of the speakers who took time out of their Saturday to provide free trading education to our patrons!  We also greatly appreciate all the wonderful people who took time to tune in to learn about the market with our trading community that spans across the globe!  Don't just take our word for how great it is feedback from the event:

Jana D : Thank you. Wow!

william k : Really good and worth the time.

ed s : thanks this was amazing

rob l : agreed....fantastic lineup of speakers today !

Anjan M : This is the best

Brenda H : Thanks again for another great session - you guys rock!

Warren Skolnick : This was absolutely fantastic - looking for the recordings to visit again - well worth my time!!!!

Sam F :   Morgan, this has been a great presentation, and everyone of your presenters did a perfect job. Thanks for the opportunity in learning and helping us to become a better traders, thanks but I have to run. 🙂

Here is a look at all the traders who tuned in for a day that was long on education and short on fluff:

Our biggest crowd ever!

Alright, let’s get down to business… There were 7 outstanding sessions and you can view them all by clicking on the videos below.

Throughout the day, each presenter also was kind enough to offer some type of a trial or special in order to learn more about their services.  We have compiled each of these at the following page:  VIEW SATURDAY’S SPECIALS HERE


Session 1 with Dave Osmond of MetaStock on "Three Steps to a Successful Trade"

To access a 30 Day Trial of MetaStock, CLICK HERE


Session 2 with John Carter of Simpler Options on "Finding Elephant Trades"

To access a special on John's Swing Trading Course, CLICK HERE


Session 3 with Serge Berger of Marketfy on "Powerful Candlestick Formation Patterns"

To Trade with Serge for the next 30 days for only $5, CLICK HERE


Session 4 with Frank Stanley, Ph.D of DTI on "Income Trading Strategies"

To access the Traders Edge DVD for $5 Plus Frank's Earnings Session, CLICK HERE


Session 5 with Darrell Martin of Apex Investing on "The Ultimate Hedge Strategy"

To access a Free Video Library with Darrell's Strategies, CLICK HERE


Session 6 with Tim Bourquin of Trader Interviews on "30 Habits of Wealthy Traders"

To access a Lifetime Membership to Trader Interviews, CLICK HERE


Session 7 with Kyle Bazzy of Marketfy and Morgan Busby of TradingPub on "Evolution of Traders"

To get 85% off a Marketfy Alert Product, use the coupon code: TRADEPUB and CLICK HERE


 In case you want to view a recap of all the specials offered during Saturday's event, click the icon below:



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