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Site Administrator | May 11, 2012

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We are always pretty optimistic about the events we host but it is always good to ask the people who matter (you) what your thoughts are on the events. We had an outstanding crowd yesterday which was one of our largest events of all time as we were joined by three outstanding traders for a jam packed event where each speaker spoke for 25 minutes on trading, trading and more trading.

Thanks to all the great folks from across the globe that tuned in for some A + education:

While we cannot please everyone, we sure do try and about 98% of the people polled said they enjoyed the event so we hope that you do as well. How can you enjoy it? By clicking the videos below:

Session 1: Neil Yeager of DTI Trader covered:

  • Accepting and dealing with uncertainty
  • What your pre-trade checklist should be
  • Positive thinking and outlooks
  • Trade!: Executing the Plan

Session 2: Ryan Detrick, CMT, of Schaeffer's Investment Research covered:
  • Using sentiment analysis to overcome trading weaknesses
  • Admit mistakes and move on to better opportunities
  • Set aside your ego to trade more profitably over time
  • Remain a student of the markets to raise your game
Session 3: Todd Mitchell of Trading Concepts Inc. covered:
  • Mistake One: Applying the ONE THING the best trader he knows does to reduce his losses and he does it better and EASIER than anyone else Todd has seen!
  • Mistake Two: Todd will show you how to avoid the two most common traps that keep accounts out of the black... and where he sees them.
  • Mistake Three: Not actually APPLYING the simple but effective methods used by successful traders the world over - Todd will show you how to apply them.


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