Candlestick Breakout Patterns

Site Administrator | May 16, 2012

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Here are just a few comments following the 1 hour presentation Steve Bigalow did for our patrons and taught:

  • Which signals produce the Breakout Patterns
  • How to perform a quick visual analysis for entry and exits
  • The tell-tale signals that investor sentiment may soon change
  • How to stop buying at the top and selling at the bottom

If these responses do not sum up the presentation I don't know what will

[04:44 pm]   Morgan @TradingPub : Did you guys enjoy that?
[04:44 pm]   Annette R : Thank you
[04:44 pm]   Jay M : yyyyyyyyy!
[04:44 pm]   ed k : very much
[04:44 pm]   Natividad T : YEEESSSS
[04:44 pm]   Phyllis S : thanks
[04:44 pm]   Denise A : Thanks Steve
[04:44 pm]   irv s : thanks
[04:44 pm]   Adam O : TY
[04:44 pm]   Doyle N : very good thanks
[04:44 pm]   Frank W G : Yes, very much
[04:44 pm]   raj s : prety good presentation
[04:44 pm]   4X $ : More then enjoyed it!!!!!
[04:44 pm]   Hermann A : Great job Steve
[04:44 pm]   Daryl M : very good thanks!
[04:44 pm]   Denise A : Superstar Love this
[04:44 pm]   ed k : very much
[04:44 pm]   Larry B : super presentation
[04:44 pm]   Hatem K : Tks
[04:45 pm]   Denise A : Thanks Morgan
[04:45 pm]   Ramesh P : Thank you thank you....
[04:45 pm]   Jernard M : THANK YOU MORGAN
[04:45 pm]   Natividad T : Steve is tops
[04:45 pm]   Denise A : He has to learn some new jokes next time tho! lol
[04:45 pm]   Doyle N : you are having some great events

To view the recording, please click the video below:

Following the presentation, Steve offered a $12 trial to his Major Signals Educational Package.

The Major Signals Educational Package has everything you need to know about how you can improve your investment returns dramatically.  This package is a comprehensive 12-part series containing over 8 hours of video training covering everything from:

-The Dynamic Doji
-The Piercing Pattern
-The Shooting Star
-The Hangman
-And much more

Click here for more details:  Major Signals Educational Package - 12 Part Series

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