Candlestick Breakouts and Gap Patterns

TradingPub Admin | September 28, 2012

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This past Thursday at the TradingPub we were joined by a great crowd of traders from across the globe.  We love having Steve on because he shares some outstanding education on Candlestick trading and there is always an overwhelmingly positive response during the Q/A section following his presentation.  This is a must see recording!

  • Learn the simple logic incorporated into a gap
  • Be prepared for big price moves based upon the location of a gap
  • See how to identify targets
  • Candlestick Trading Patterns
  • Thank you Steve for your generous offer and trading insight.

We had several requests for a copy of the recording to be posted so be sure to check it out below!

During the presentation, Steve made a special offer available in which he teaches:

  • 5 Start Trading Plan
  • Scanning Techniques for finding trading opportunities
  • Projecting Price Targets
  • Setting Entery and Exit Points
  • Stop Loss Strategies and Techniques
  • Trade Rules Steve Follows
  • Free 30 Day Trial to the Candlestick Forum Monthly Membership ($97 value):

Learn more about the 5 for $15 Special from Candlestick Forum

Recording of Steve's Session at the Pub:


You can access the offer by click the link below: 

 Gain Access to the 5 for $15 Special from Candlestick Forum 


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