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NinjaTrader Event on Green Saturday!

Site Administrator | November 28, 2011

After stuffing ourselves with turkey and sides, we recovered just in time for some outstanding education from three very good friends of the TradingPub.  Ray Stein from NinjaTrader.com, Aamar Hussain of Pivotfarm.com and Leslie Jouflas of TradingLiveOnline.com stopped by the Pub on Saturday to share some high quality education on trading technology, Support and Resistance, […]

We are Thankful for You!

Site Administrator | November 23, 2011

As many of you know we launched the TradingPub in July of this year and the past few months have been extremely exciting! Since July we have hosted over 30 outstanding educational events and provided education to Patrons on almost every continent (we are still holding out on Antartica). The main ingredient to our success […]

First Gold, Now Silver!

Site Administrator | November 14, 2011

We received such overwhelmingly positive comments from our session on the 2012 Gold Forecast last week with Geof Smith that we asked him to do a follow up post on his thoughts on Silver.  We asked him to take a longer term view and give his 2012 forecast for silver which he touched on in his last presentation. […]

Fire of Fear Spreads

Site Administrator | November 10, 2011

Yesterday was officially Italian day in the global markets as credit fears spread from Greece over to Italy.  As Italian bond yields surged the overall markets dropped as fear and selling went hand in hand and the markets dropped sharply.  We point out a very helpful piece of advice for traders this morning which is […]

Europe Continues to Lead

Site Administrator | November 8, 2011

We have said it before and we will say it again… do not trade without watching the Euro Currency! We have seen the EUR/USD continue to lead the overall market as the major focus in the global markets today continues to come back to the financial situation in Europe. We have seen the worry spread […]

Day Trader’s Guide to Understanding Level 2 Quotes

Site Administrator | October 25, 2011

Thanks to Jayson Derrick and the great folks at Benzinga for the following guest post: Introduction Fully understanding level 2 quotes is vital to successful day trading. Many novice traders are intimidated by the plethora of information presented to them in a level 2 window. The endless stream of constantly changing numbers and quotes can be […]

NFLX, Nasdaq and the Overall Market

Site Administrator | October 25, 2011

What a move this rally has been!  Yesterday in our daily video we focused on the importance of the 1256 area in the ES futures and this morning during the globex session we saw the ES test that level with a rally to 1254.50.  We have since seen this future back off a bit and […]

Important Levels in the Overall Market and Gold

Site Administrator | October 24, 2011

Today’s report takes a look at a very important area in the overall market which is 1256 on the ES futures (or about 1260 in the SPX).  That is the yearly open area in the ES futures and a pivotal area that every trader should have on their radar.  Another market highlighted is the gold […]

Discipline, Psychology and Support and Resistance Trading

Site Administrator | October 14, 2011

There are two things required by traders to succeed in the market 1.) Disclipline 2.) A Solid Trading Strategy. We took these two topics head on and are very thankful to Adrienne Toghraie of TradingonTarget.com and Aamar Hussein of Pivotfarm for joining us today. We would also like to especially thank NinjaTrader for sponsoring today’s […]

Overall Market and the Thunder from Down Under

Site Administrator | October 14, 2011

If anything, this current market is resilient.   We saw the markets rally off the GOOG earnings announcement during the early Globex session only to turn negative and go down to the 1196 area.  After bouncing off that area, the market once again tested the pivotal 1204 and finally broke through during the heart of the […]

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