Combining Fundamentals with Technical Analysis to Increase Your Trading Profits

TradingPub Admin | September 3, 2014

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At the TradingPub we pride ourselves on our ability to bring our members together with some of the brightest trading experts in the industry.  And yesterday was no exception, as we were delighted to host Marc Chaikin, a highly respected Wall Street trader, stock broker and market analyst.  Marc's topic was Combining Fundamentals with Technical Analysis to Increase Your Trading Profit,  and he did a terrific job sharing his techniques and approach for trading stocks and options. Many of you requested a recording of his presentation and in response, we have combined a brief summary with a link to the video below.

Marc Chaikin opened his session by sharing some of his keys to becoming consistent when trading the equity markets:

  • Know the Fundamentals without being a Research Analyst
  • Know the Technicals without being a Market Technician
  • Profit from a proven quantitative model without doing the math
  • Pinpoint profitable entries with high probability Buy/Sell signals

One thing that Marc repeatedly stressed was the need to keep things simple, in particularly the charts and indicators used to spot market trends and entry points.   In the picture below, what you see is a screenshot of Marc's trading platform and the tools  he uses to identify trading opportunities.

Chaikin 1

Often the market overloads traders with too much information and that can cause indecision, confusion and analysis paralysis. The solution is to find a comprehensive platform, which fits your style and needs as a trader. In this regard, Marc suggested taking a deeper dive into his  system, and then demonstrated how he uses the Chaikin Analytics suite of tools and indicators to spot set-ups and time precise entries and exits.  These tools include the Chaikin Power Gauge, Volatility Bands, Money Flow, Overbought/Oversold, and Relative Strength indicators.  For Marc, these simple and reliable tools are all he needs to consistently find high quality setups and more precisely determine entry and exit points.

For example, Marc maintains that bull and bear signals are formed based on the logic used in the development of the Wyckoff Accumulation and Breakout and Markup model, which has been in practice for more than 90 years. He insists that it is important to better understand the Wyckoff model in order to develop a solid grasp of what is going on in a particular market.  This understanding is the key to having proper conviction when trading the markets, and trust in applying the right tools when deciding on appropriate entry and exit points.

Chaikin 2

The classic bear and what to sell signals were also developed based on the aforementioned Wyckoff model:

Chaikin 3

The buy and sell signals are shared below:

Chaikin 4

Here is another peak in the platform and how easy the interface is to use. You can select the financial instrument you want to trade, and further drill down a sector and get very refined company-specific information and data on each trading opportunity may be considering.

Chaikin 5

Here is the complete list of what you get with Chaikin Analytics:

  • One on one tutorials helps you get setup and teaches you how to use all features
  • Chaikin Chart with Power Gauge Rating and Proprietary Technical Indicators
  • Six pairs of buy and sell signals
  • List manager including industry groups, ETF's, User Lists, and Chaikin Hot Lists
  • Research Reports on 500 Stocks- updated nightly
  • Portfolio Health Check on any list
  • Chaikin Market Insight Weekly Newsletter and Stock of the Week

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