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Site Administrator | July 13, 2012

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This Thursday's webinar was definitely not short on Passion as our good friend, Tony LaPorta, shared some insights on several different markets.  Tony covered everything from the SP 500, the Dow, Euro, Bonds, Gold and Crude Oil.  Here are a few of the great comments following the event:

[04:27 pm]   Val L : Great Thank you very much
[04:27 pm]   Tony LaPorta : or a view
[04:27 pm]   Mike Madden : There is no grey with Tony
[04:27 pm]   Mike Madden : I like that trait
[04:27 pm]   Tony LaPorta : if the market is open I write
[04:28 pm]   Chet Fisher : when hes wrong he doesnt run and hide ... and he hasnt had to hide in a while
[04:28 pm]   Roger Vasko : Whoever doesn't have Tony's service should sign up asap...had some many green domes 3T wouldn't let me open any more
[04:28 pm]   Roger Vasko : so many
[04:28 pm]   Tony LaPorta : ty roger
[04:28 pm]   Mike Madden : Tony provides great information
[04:28 pm]   Chuck Demy : thx Tony
[04:29 pm]   buddy sexton : Tony, great job as always!
[04:29 pm]   buddy sexton : I will "hold it" next time!
[04:29 pm]   scott davis : Thank you, & Happy Birthday!!
[04:29 pm]   Tony LaPorta : cheers all
[04:29 pm]   john courey : Indeed TNT for life
[04:29 pm]   Chet Fisher : ty tlp
[04:29 pm]   Steve Ankeny : good job, Tony .... thx
[04:29 pm]   Tony LaPorta : cheers
[04:29 pm]   Tom roadster : thx...
[04:30 pm]   juli tallman : thx tony and morgan, great info as always
[04:30 pm]   Morgan @TradingPub : glad you enjoyed it Juli
[04:30 pm]   Tim H : thanks Morgan & Tony
[04:30 pm]   Doyle Nichols : thanks Tony & Morgan
[04:30 pm]   Ben Chrisman : thank you
[04:30 pm]   Paul O'Connor : Thankyou Tony
[04:30 pm]   Madeleine Gagnon : Thank you Happy Birthday Tony
[04:30 pm]   Francis Kim : thx
[04:30 pm]   Thomas Milcarek : TY Tony and Morgan

To review the session, click the video link below:

It is always great to see happy Patrons and we greatly appreciate all of you who take the time to visit our free educational events and read the content posted on our site.  We hope that we have helped you in your trading!

Tony made two special offers to the TradingPub Community that includes 50-60% off of his commentary.  You can review these offers at the link below.  If you have specific questions about Tony's commentary or a question for Tony, you can shoot us an email at support(at) and we will forward it on to him.

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