Customizing a Trading System

TradingPub Admin | April 17, 2013

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We are loving learning about how to become more "robotic" traders from Jeremy Tang of Shark Indicators.  We have posted a copy of the recording below as well as an outline of the presentation.  Jeremy shared on the importance of research and how professional traders use a rules based approach to control their emotions in their trading.  This is definitely something many traders struggle with so whether you trade using systems or not, it will be a very helpful presentation to review:

You can learn more about Shark Indicators by going to:


Recap of Presentation:

Professional Traders

  • Why they succeed and average
  • What is their secret?
  1. See charts differently.
  2. All the work is done beforehand.
  3. Control emotions.

System trading (why system trading is important)

  1. Consistency through research
  2. Trade opportunities under fire.
  3. Confidence


  • How do you know what you have works?

Model your system (why do we need to model it?)

  1. Visualize your system
  2. Use computers to back-test
  3. Trade efficiently

Modeling your system (An Answer for retail Traders)

The Bloodhound Way (What Bloodhound can do for u?)

  1. Power to the retail trader
  2. Model systems without coding
  3. Extremely fast, flexible

System Example (Simple Moving Average Cross-Over System)

System Rules (Moving Average Cross-Over)

  1. Uses 2 moving averages
  • A fast moving average with a small period
  • A slow moving average with a large period
  1. Long Signal: fast crosses above the slow
  2. Short Signal: fast crosses below the slow

Price Swing Trend (Looking for trend)

Swing Trend

  • Higher highs and Higher Lows is a bullish trend
  • Lower Highs and Lower Lows is a bearish trend

We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!