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TradingPub Admin | August 17, 2012

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In the email we sent out about this event we mentioned how the markets have been difficult lately regardless of what you trade.  Volume is down, volatility is down and it seems like good trading opportunities are down as well.  We thought this was perfect timing to invite a veteran trader and CTA to share about how they structure their trading plan and how that could relate to individual traders.  Thanks to our friends at Indicator Warehouse for being a part of Thursday's event.

Trading technology, particularly software, takes a leap forward every few months. That’s a blessing for the trader but it also leaves you with the challenge of evaluating the new indicators and systems. Is it a distracting shiny object or something that will truly help you take more money out of the market?

In this special presentation, 17 year trading veteran Erich Senft, CTA will not only reveal the underlying essential components of a legitimate trading system – but also show you how to create a system that works for your experience and trading style.

Topics Covered:

• Without these 3 components, a trading system will not be profitable.

• Learn every step to evaluate or build a complete trading system geared to your experience and trading style.

• You can’t profit unless you know what kind of trader you are: there’s a simple way to find out.

• He’s one of the most profitable traders in the world – find out what he focuses on. Hint: It isn’t profits!

• CFTC Warning: Don’t be fooled by this sneaky marketing tactic ever again.

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