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Webinar Description:
Barbara Cohen of ShadowTraders will be discussing Level 2 information, internet hops, and how high frequency trading robot algorithms ignore Level 2 information.

     Barbara Cohen, ShadowTraders

     April 26, 2012 - 4:30PM ET

     Live and Online at the TradingPub









Trader Bio:

My name is Barbara Cohen. I am the CIO of Shadowtraders. I've been programming trading strategies for over 10 years.

My first introduction to trading online was as a computer programmer. I had a broker who had a trading system on his desktop. He led me to believe that his trading system gave him real time indicators to know when to buy and sell. I figured that if his programmer could create trading software, so could I.

So I bought a book of 750 pages of mathematical formulas. I coded each one, looking for "indicators" that worked in different Market conditions. I backtested and backtested. But after months of backtesting, I realized there was far more to online trade than just technical analysis trading software. I needed to know what the insiders knew, understand their secrets. I knew I had to shadow them, buy when they buy and sell when they sell. But how?

It took me years of meeting the right people, learning from experience, and most important, losing money, to finally develop trading strategies that make me a consistent. It is said, until you lose money you are not a trader....I qualify to be called a Trader (Psst...after I had spent hundreds of hours developing a trading system with real time buy and sell alerts, I found out that my broker's system actually never did provide entry and exit signals, it just gave quotes.)