Excellent content is the key to better SEO and marketing

TradingPub Admin | November 9, 2012

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Small businesses should create excellent content in order to effectively promote their products and services, according to one industry commentator.

Speaking to Business Insider, Group SJR managing partner Alexander Jutkowitz said the marketing world has moved on from trying to game Google algorithms in order to rank better in search.

"Guess what the best way to score higher on an algorithm is? Create excellent content," he stated.

Mr Jutkowitz explained that thought leadership through content marketing could be an ideal way for small businesses to showcase their expertise and create a real impact on their target audience.

"There is a lot of content, but frankly not a lot of great content, and there are a lot of organisations that have incredible knowledge that does not on a regular basis see the light of day," he added.

Small business thought leadership

It is not only big brands that have a great deal of in-house expertise and knowledge that is worth sharing. Small businesses are often niche experts and in a position to offer valuable industry insights, useful hints and tips, and friendly advice to their audience.

So which content types are the best suited to conveying small business thought leadership? While this decision often depends on the relevant content strategy and marketing goals of the individual business, thought leadership is often best conveyed by:

White papers - A white paper is an extended research piece that offers original research and insights into a specific area of an industry or organisation. It is usually well laid out and presented in a way that highlights stats and quotes, and makes it easy to understand a concept.

Infographics - Data visualisation is a very popular way to present information in an easy-to-digest format that is also visually appealing. They should be well-researched and look great in order to serve as linkbait and be shared widely on social media.

Corporate blogs - A blog offers a small business the opportunity to showcase more of their values and personality through a human voice. Whether it is written by the big boss (or ghost-written by an external content provider) or features video interviews by other internal experts, blogs are increasingly favoured as a key part of any content marketing strategy.