Excellent Session on Strategies to Make and Save Money

TradingPub Admin | January 17, 2013

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We had an OUTSTANDING session this Wednesday afternoon featuring two great presenters.  As we mentioned in our email announcing the event, you have some people who always look for ways to make money and others who always look to save money.  We tried to put on an event that featured strategies for both!  Thanks to Darrell Martin of Apex Investing and Robert Green, CPA of Green Trader Tax for taking the time out of their day to share some free trading education with our patrons!

Session 1:  Darrell Martin of Apex Investing Covers:

  • trading in evening/overnight trading hours
  • trading FX using the news
  • the power of NADEX to YOUR trading
  • knowing where to enter, exit, take profits and using limit orders

During this session, Darrell offered a free 7 day trial to his signal service as well as free access to the TradingPub Nadex Library.  You can receive access to the TradingPub Library by clicking the icon below:


To view the Recording from Darrell's Session, please click the video link below:


 Session 2:  Robert Green, CPA of Green Trader Tax Covers:
  • trader tax status and issues regarding it
  • post fiscal cliff tax situation
  • trader entity tax setups
  • Q&A from the Patrons

To view the Recording from Robert's Session, please click the video link below:

To learn more about Robert Green and Green Trader Tax, go to:


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