Free trading education: How to trade part time

TradingPub Admin | May 16, 2013

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Want some free trading education on how you can earn some money by making trades without devoting the same hours you would for a full-time job?

It is possible to make this happen, and there are specific strategies you can follow to make this objective more achievable.

Be self-aware
One key facet of successfully trading stocks and other assets using a part-time schedule is being self-aware, according to Even a person who is a seasoned financial guru can benefit from knowing his or her weaknesses and not just strengths.

If you want to excel at trading, and especially if you are looking to do so with a part-time schedule, it is crucial for you to figure out not only what these strengths and weaknesses are, but also how you will manage them, the media outlet reports. Failure to do so could cause your idiosyncrasies to hinder your investing and come between you and your objectives.

In order to succeed in stock trading, people must have control over their emotions, according to the news source. It is typical for people who are investing in the asset markets to feel some ups and downs as the value of their securities fluctuates. While the attributes you need to excel in such practices - self control, self discipline and determination - are not innate, they can be developed over time.

Identify and master simple strategies
Once you have done some work on evaluating yourself to figure out the attributes that will help your trading and the characteristics that could slow you down, a logical next step would be to pick out some simple trading strategies and get started on mastering them, Stock Trading To Go reports.

Just like professional athletes have their signature moves, you can harness specific techniques to obtain your desired success in trading, according to the news source. Keep in mind that even the most basic investing strategy can be used in many different ways, so it could take years to become an expert of harnessing one of these basic techniques.

Build your trading schedule around your other responsibilities
You can develop a trading schedule around your current responsibilities. Everyone is different, so such a plan is completely customizable. You may have a full-time job, or you might be retired. Alternatively, you might want to trade around your responsibilities as a stay-at-home mom.

Some people can make a very low number of trades in a year - for example less than 10 - and still generate very strong returns, reports. Some people may want to trade every day. It is important that once you have picked out a style, you stick with it. For example, it would be counterproductive to harness the strategies that an intermediate trader and a day trader would use.

Create a list of watchlist stocks
One way you can save time is to create a watchlist, which will result in you having a short list of possibly 10-20 stocks that you can focus on during the day, according to Stock Trading To Go. You can figure out the types of equities you want to include in such a list using the basic strategies you have selected.

Risk management is crucial
If you want to trade effectively, it is crucial that you design some system to manage risk, reports. It is very important to do this since people have a strong tendency to spend far more due diligence on entering positions that exiting them. It is important that you learn and employ risk management techniques including diversification, executing stop loss orders and how to either shrink or expand the size of a position.

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