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TradingPub Admin | October 29, 2012

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One Saturday out of the month we host a special half day trading class. This series of classes started out with our "Occupy Futures" sessions, but we are considering renaming it "Occupy Awesome" in honor of the outstanding education shared by each of our presenters this past Saturday.  Don't just take our word for are a few comments from this group of hard core, trading education hungry patrons that spent half of their Saturday at the Pub:

Joe B : This is the best description of Nadex that I have seen.
Steve A : We're serious over here at the Trading Pub!
Kert M : Yes Morgan. Very good. Thanks again.
Nestor D: TY Darrell., much appreciate it...:-)
Willie G : Markus, this is the best explanation ever!
Jim G : Pretty good stuff !!!
al l : thanks you for sharing your time and talent-- just awesome
bob s : tx 4 the session. enjoy the wkend
Darren S : Great presentation...thanks!
jasvir s : Its the best i have see so far thank you.
Mark R : ty, Morgan. Great education
Paul A : thanks for a great class
Karl F : this has been great!!
bob b : This was the GREATEST
Henry s : Thanks for an Awesome presentation and have a great weekend:)

Session 1 with Dan Cook - Defined Risk Trading Strategies with Nadex

To Open a  Nadex Demo Account - CLICK HERE  (email us after opening the demo for free videos -


Session 2 with Darrell Martin - Setting Profit Targets on Futures, Forex, Binary Options and Nadex Spreads

To Access Free Education from Darrell - CLICK HERE


 Session 3 with Markus Heitkoetter - Day Trading with Fibonacci Levels

To Access Free Education from Markus - CLICK HERE   


 Session 4 with Michael Lydick - Transforming Historical Data into Predictive Market Turning Times and Prices

To Access Free Education from Michael - CLICK HERE


 Session 5 with Morgan Busby and Tony LaPorta - Current Market Overview 

To Access TradingPub's Next Live Trading Session - CLICK HERE

To Access Tony's Commentary for the Rest of 2012 - CLICK HERE


There was also great feedback from our follow up live trading session so we decided to host another one next Monday.  If you would like to join that session, REGISTER HERE.


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