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Site Administrator | June 11, 2012

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Special thanks to Mohan for the following guest post:

Many of those who know me understand that I value my reputation in this industry over everything else…except making money trading of course.

I have been in this trading industry for over 11 years and right now  I have never seen such an avalance of new trading “stuff” coming out. Practically every week on Ninja you will see new “experts” coming out with their new “stuff” … most who have not even been in the industry longer than a few years at best.

If you are serious about trading then you DO NOT HAVE ANY MORE TIME TO WASTE endlessly searching through the dense and confusing jungle of the trading industry looking for the “perfect system”

A funny story: I did an important webinar recently on day trading the US stock indexes.  It is vital information that shows HOW THE PROFESSIONALS SPECIALIZE IN 1 OR MAYBE 2 MARKETS and how they “drill down” their time frames to set up day trades.

On that webinar I saw this clown typing on the open chat how he has signed up for 27 webinars over the next 3 weeks.  This poor lost soul thinks he is somehow going to MORPH all that information from generally inexperienced presenters WHO THEMSELVES DON’T TRADE into “a profitable way to trade”.

Does this guy have a mortgate or rent to pay? Is he unlimitedly wealthy that he has sooo much time to waste on webinars or trading rooms from people who started trading recently?

I know that when I have a run on trading profits I usually want to head to my favorite tropical island to run on the beach and swim in the pool…..not attend 27 so called trading seminars. LOL… (See photo above)

Anyway, in this webinar I will show you how to trade the stock index futures like a pro. I will have more webinars with my friends at the Trading Pub coming soon. Next one will be on “How to professionally read divergence using Boomerang Day Trader (BCT)”…don’t miss it. I’ll alert  you here on this blog when its time to Rock and Roll.

Here is the recent TradingPub webinar

Please watch this weeks Boomerang Day Trader (BCT) video on “Trading the Mini Russell 2000 like a professional does”

Remember: Every pro trader I have met specializes in one or maybe 2 markets.  Professional surgeons specialize in Heart surgery or Brain surgery or Orthapedic surgery……Knee surgeons don’t operate on brains and Heart surgeons don’t operate on Elbows…..they SPECIALIZE.  Take a tip from the pro’s….it may save you some time…and money

Watch my new Boomerang Day Trader video here

Be sure to click on “Full size” so you can see all the Extreme Details of each trade… scrunched up charts here from Mohan.

SPECIAL OFFER: If you purchase my Boomerang Day Trader within 24 hours I will  give you a FREE 3 month subscription to the only newsletter in the trading industry that tells you exactly where the US stock market is going the next day….BEFORE  the Opening Bell.   I  research it, write it and publish it everyday almost…its called “The Daily Directional Forecast”.

Have an excellent trading day using top pro methods.  Rock on! Mohan



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