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Site Administrator | June 18, 2012

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One of our signature events at the TradingPub is our "Occupy Futures - Half Day Class."  This is the 4th time we have hosted one of these classes and we really feel like the content gets better and better each time.  We would especially like to thank the North American Derivatives Exchange (NADEX) for sponsoring today's event along with all the great traders who took time out of their weekend to share with our patrons. Rather than simply take our word for how good it was, have a look at the feedback in the room following these events:

[12:38 pm]   Eusebio N : Excellent presentation on an important subject !
[12:38 pm]   Katherine H : Great morning!
[12:38 pm]   ed b : thank you
[12:38 pm]   Craig M : thx
[12:38 pm]   Rao B : it's good, thx .. worth the time
[12:38 pm]   Joe M : Thank you
[12:39 pm]   bee c : great speakers and lessons, many thanks for your hard work!!!
[12:39 pm]   peteadams a : Great -Thank you
[12:39 pm]   howard o : education was powerful
[12:39 pm]   bob h : awesome class....lots of new ideas to explore...Thanks
[12:39 pm]   Chris A : All great - thanks very much - very useful
[12:39 pm]   Eusebio N : Great event ! We want more !
[12:39 pm]   Andrei D : I would very much like to see the recording, since I couldn't make it in time
[12:39 pm]   Jorge V : xcellent
[12:39 pm]   Steve M : Thanks, See You
[12:39 pm]   Craig M : Nadex demo account is awesome
[12:41 pm]   Marilyn M : Thank you. Excellent education. Happy father's day .....

A look at our dedicated traders learning from all across the globe:

We know how valuable your time is and because of that we asked each presenter to focus their presentation solely on educational topics that they felt would be beneficial to the attendees.  We then asked them to offer some type of special trial to our patrons in the event that their educational session struck a chord with you and you wanted to learn more.

You can review each presentation as well as the great trial offers below:

Session 1: Neil Yeager of DTI on "Overcoming Pitfalls All Traders Face"

Click the link below to view Neil's special offer:

Spend the Next Week Trading With Neil - LEARN MORE


Session 2: Hubert Senters of Trade the Markets on "My Three Most Profitable Trading Strategies"

Click the link below to view Hubert's special offer:

"How We Trade for a Living" DVD Plust 30 Days Membership - LEARN MORE


Session 3: Dan Cook of NADEX on "The Power of Bull Spreads"


Click the link below to view Dan's special offer:

Get a Free Demo of the Nadex Platform - LEARN MORE


Session 4: Michael Lydick of Back to the Future Trading on "Transforming Historical Data into Predictive Market Turning Times and Prices"

Click the link below to view Michael's special offer:

Get the Free BTFT Weekly Report - LEARN MORE


Session 5: Erich Senft of Indicator Warehouse on "Learn Day Trading's Secret Sauce...Being Capitalized Correctly for EVERY Trade

Click the link below to view Erich's special offer:

Free Money Expert Risk Tool Download - LEARN MORE


To join our next educational event this Tuesday at 4:30 pm eastern time click the following link:

Get More Free Education



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