How to Trade These Crazy Markets in November

TradingPub Admin | November 19, 2014

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At the Trading Pub we are always looking for new opportunities to connect you with professionals who can share valuable insights that may help you improve your trading. What is more, if you attend our live trading education classes you can ask these experts questions, and take full advantage of these unique opportunities to learn from some of the best.

In this regard, yesterday's event with Mark Hodge did not disappoint, as over 400 traders stopped by to learn a great new idea for trading today's highly volatile markets. Mark is the Head Trading Coach at Rockwell Trading, and is one of the best technical analysts in our industry. His trading ideas have been featured in a number of high profile media outlets including SFO Magazines, Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities,, FXstreet, and Traders’ Library.

During his presentation Mark covered the following main points:

  • What strategies work best in volatile markets
  • Determining the direction the market is moving
  • Getting an edge using probabilities

But his focus was on how trading Nadex binary options might be a nice way for traders to diversify their approach in the markets. Nadex binary options allows traders to take advantage of sideways moving markets, which is how the markets move about 80% of the time. Furthermore, as long as you know the direction the market is moving in, you can enter a trade and not worry about being stopped out by sudden moves in the market.  All that matters is where prices are when your option expires.

For those not familiar with Nadex binary options, Mark covered all the basics including the fact that Nadex is a fully regulated exchange and is available to residents of the United States, Canada, Mexico, and US territories. Nadex also provides a FREE DEMO account for 2 weeks, and a LIVE ACCOUNT can be quickly opened with as little as $100.

Some of the benefits of trading binary options include a wide variety of markets (e.g Indices, Currencies, Commodities); the ease of placing trades and knowing exactly what your risk is prior to entering a trade. This is where Mark shared some great insight on the process for placing a binary options trade including:

  1. Selecting a market
  2. Selecting direction
  3. Chose a best expiration for the strategy you plan on applying
  4. Chose a best strike for the strategy
  5. Determine your entry price

Mark also shared how he uses technical analysis and his Power Crossover Method to find the highest probability binary options entries. He showed how he uses daily charts to identify the potential for markets to close lower or higher on the following day.  These entry signals are part of a comprehensive alert service and you can get YOUR COPY for only $47 per month now.

Rockwell Trading Binary Options Signals Service includes:

  • Instant access to detailed trading signals
  • Based on more than 10 years of historic results
  • Complete library on online binary options trading videos

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