Improve Your Trading Through Research

TradingPub Admin | January 23, 2013

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How much research do you actually do?  Many traders love the action and the thrill of trading but tend to look past the research, testing and homework required to be a professional.  A great new website that is allowing individual traders the opportunity to program their own trading rules into NinjaTrader is We greatly appreciate TradingPub Commentator, Jeremy Tang, took the time to share on the following:

Systematic Trading and How to Improve it Through Research

  • 3 Elements to consider in YOUR system (yes your system)
  • Scalpers vs. Trend Traders
  • Why Learning to Invent is Better than Learning to Copy
  • Implementation, Testing, Analysis, Trading and Refining Your Plan
To access a copy of the recording, please click the video icon below to Review SharkIndicators:
During the session, Jeremy offered a $300 discount on the lifetime subscription which comes with 100% satisfaction money back guarantee (they stand behind their product).  In order to access the discount, be sure to use the coupon code:  tradingpub at checkout.
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