Is Your Computer a Good Platform for Trading?

TradingPub Admin | August 1, 2014

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If you are serious about trading the markets, is your computer up to the task? Are you frustrated by price “slippage” when there is a delay in the execution of your order? Many traders, especially new traders, assume their existing hardware and charting software can adequately keep up with the flow of streaming data coming at them in real time.  The reality is you need to make sure your computer has the proper processing power, RAM, internet speed  and operating system to execute trades in a timely fashion.

In this presentation, Eddie Z provides a checklist for assessing your computer’s trading readiness, providing minimum resource requirements, and how to find out of  if your computer meets minimum performance benchmarks.  Eddie started his career on the floor of the NY Mercantile Exchange as a floor trader and stock broker. As computer technology evolved, he realized there was an unmet need for computer hardware optimized for the rigorous demands of trading the markets. To gain a trading edge, he started building computers from scratch for himself and his colleagues, which ultimately led to the formation of EZ Trading Computers - a company which now builds and ships computer trading hardware to active traders worldwide.

During his presentation, Eddie covered many topics, including:

  • Why traders should not be using Windows XP as of April 2014
  • How to avoid the biggest misconceptions about trading computer hardware.
  • A test you can run on your computer to see if it meets the “traders benchmark score”.
  • The minimum checklist for trading technology.
  • Internet speed, Antivirus software recommendations and much more

Why Traders Should not be using Windows XP as of April  2014

In April of 2014 Microsoft stopped tech support for windows XP and stopped using any security patches for the system. This can result in a number of computer vulnerabilities including malware, viruses, ID theft and other inefficiencies that can ultimately affect you and your trading. Therefore you must use the newest Windows operating system to avoid those issues.

The Biggest Misconception About Computer Hardware for Trading

Most traders do not realize the sheer amount of information and data pouring into their PC. This information has to be processed into charts, prices etc. on your trading platforms and it has to be done in real time. Sometimes your PC may not have enough processing power and that can lead to delays resulting potentially to slippage and other undesired and very costly results.

There is no time for buffering the data when you are trading it has to come and be turned in real time graphs and charts with zero lag and latency. Thus, you have to make sure that you are ready to avoid this problem, by getting the best trading PCs out there.


Step 1. Find out your PC Processor's details.

The most important part of your PC is the processor. It is practically the engine of your machine. To see your processor's information and you are using Windows 8 you can follow those steps:

Eddie Z 1

Make a note of your processor and the RAM, memory your PC has.

Step 2. Go to this website

  • This is a speed test for your software.
  • Find the speed for your processor from the list of stored information on the site. Go to Select A Page on the right hand side of the site
  • Down in the middle on the right hand side is another search box Find CPU, as indicated in the image below:

Eddie 2

Step 3. Test your internet speed

Got to Do not click any of the ads and let the site fully download. Then hit the Begin Test button

Eddie 3

  • The test will measure your PING and you want it to me under 50 milliseconds. (PING≤100ms)
  • Then your download speed will be tested and the minimum for trading is 5 megabits per second (Mbps)
  • Then you will have the upload speed and the minimum upload for trading is 1 Mbps


 Eddie 4

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Eddie also made a special offer to all who attended this webinar which included:

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