July Specials

We had an outstanding class with over 1500 people logging in throughout the day in the room!  We have posted a recap of all of the free offers shared today:

Peter Schultz – Weekly Options Special – Access Here

Marc Nicolas – Ebook and Video Training – Access Here

Ross Givens – Stock Scanning Class – Access Here

Darrell Martin – Apex Elite Membership 30 day trial – Access Here

Ron Haydt – 14 Day Access to Options Trading with MarketTamer – Access Here

Tom Busby – Class, AudioBook and IR Trading Video – Access Here 

Shawn Beecher – Double Drop Prediction Class – Access Here

Thanks so much for taking the time to attend our event!  We have posted a copy of the Class Recording - Access Here


The TradingPub

P.S.  In case you missed it during the event,  here is free access to our Nadex Trading Library:

Access to TradingPub's Free Nadex Trading Library on Defined Risk Trading - Access Library Here