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Site Administrator | February 6, 2012

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First of all, I would like to thank all of the great folks from around the world that tuned in for Saturday's half day class!  We had just about every continent covered and the most exciting thing is that we had a solid 700 patrons that were tuned in for almost all of the session!  We had excellent education starting off with Neil Yeager of DTI who shared with us about one of his favorite trade setups that he looks for each day around the cash open.  Neil was followed by Ryan Olson of Kinetick who shared with us about the amazing new datafeed provided by Kinetick.  The next two presenters were two contributors from our friends over at MrTopStep Trading Group in Henry Marchelle of Stanton Analytics and Mike Vacchi of PrincetonTrader.  Henry shared about trading the energy market and from his experience in trading crude oil futures and Mike share with us several of his strategies in determining important pivot points in the markets as well as volatility levels in e-mini sp trading.

Aamar Hussain then shared with our group on how he takes a look at support and resistance levels across various methods such as volume profile, market profile, fibonacci retracements, floor pivots and much much more and then finds areas of confluce to build his PowerZones and determine important levels in the market.  Following Aamar, Carolyn Boroden, the Fib Queen, took us through several charts and trade setups fibonacci style and was by far the prettiest presenter we had all day 🙂

The event was capped off by a presentation on Advanced Strategies inside of NinjaTrader by a good friend of the TradingPub's, Ray Stein of NinjaTrader.  We are especially grateful to NinjaTrader and Kinetick for sponsoring this great event.  We have included a picture of the attendees and on behalf of the TradingPub, thanks for spending your Saturday with us and please enjoy the great education provided by viewing the recording links below!

Here is a picture of all the great traders joining us from around the globe for some good old fashion education!












We also had several of the speakers contribute access to one of their products and then offer a substantial discount (85% off) to give our patrons the chance to try out several of the services.  After getting some feedback from our attendees, we decided to set it up where you can spread the time on the services out over the next three months so after signing up, expect an email from us to find out when you want to start each particular service.

The link to the package that was put together is at the following link:  Occupy Futures Package

We separate the recording into 3 different sections to try to make it easier to focus in on particular presentations (it might take a few minutes to download the sections):

Section 1:  Neil of DTI Trader and Ryan of Kinetick:   CLICK HERE

Section 2:  Henry and Mike of MrTopStep Group:  CLICK HERE

Section 3:  Aamar of PivotFarm, Carolyn of Fibonacci Queen and Ryan of NinjaTrader:  CLICK HERE

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