Larry Gaines on 5 Things Every Trader MUST Know

TradingPub Admin | July 7, 2013

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One of our absolute favorite presenters at the TradingPub is Larry Gaines.  Larry started his career trading tanker cargoes of foreign crude oil for a large independent oil company, spent time at several hedge funds and now trades his own account using a similar systematic approach he used when trading for bigger firms. Larry shared a few of those strategies that he uses each day in the market with us!

This Class with Larry will teach you:

  • Why and How You Have to Let the Winning Trades Come to You
  • How to Capitalize on Powerful Trend Breakouts
  • A Secret Weapon Everyone Can Apply
  • Larry's Favorite Trading Tool (and Why)
  • Leverages and the Risks and Returns

To learn more about Larry Gaines and Power Cycle Trading, go to -