Law of Large Numbers…Recording with Rob and Randy

TradingPub Admin | January 18, 2014

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This Saturday we hosted a special class with Rob Hoffman and Randy Jacques of Become a Better Trader.  Randy and Rob talk about how they use some of their top performing charting setups to determine option trade possibilities which typically involve selling premium.  After scanning through their criteria and narrowing down the trades, their goal is to end up with a high probability trade setup and depending on market direction they look to sell puts or calls to play the probabilities.

They have had an incredible run and we actually had the opportunity to see some of their trade statements during a trip to Chicago so we were pleased to host them for this exciting event.

Click the Video Below to Access the Recording:

To learn more about Rob and Randy's 8 Session Options Training - ACCESS HERE

This is not your run of the mill options class or a "get rich strategy"... it is about hitting singles consistently and they will teach you:

  • Everything from Options 101 to Advanced Trading Strategies Professionals Use
  • The Importance of the "Law of Large Numbers" and Trading with Probability on Your Side
  • Managing Risk and Ways to Reduce It
  • Team Effort of Rob's Strategies with Randy's Options Techniques
  • Several Bonuses that are Listed on the Page Above to Offer Hand Holding After the Course

You will notice from the recording that as our way of helping our members, we are offering a rebate towards the purchase (total rebate available of $5000).  There are still spots left for the $100 rebate on purchase so after purchasing send a copy of your receipt to support(at) and specify whether you want a check or PayPal.  The Rebates will be available on a first come/first serve notice until the $5000 has been used up 🙂

To learn more about Rob and Randy's 8 Session Options Training - ACCESS HERE

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