Here you go…..drum roll please…..Actually, I guess not nearly as dramatic when you are just reading this and don’t actually have to wait for the results….. (results as of Friday's Close).

***Please note that these results are pending verification that lot size rules were not exceeded.  Official Verified Results will be announced on Monday evening and we will contact the winners regarding the prizes.

The official results will be announced at the beginning of this webinar - Access Here

Trader Name                     Profit/Loss

First Initial / Last Name Net Profit
R. Oda $14,270.50
K. Egan $10,824.05
R. Gonzalez $7,878.00
D. Vail $7,270.70
C. Larry $6,360.90
M. Foster $5,551.20
C. Quina*** $4,521.00
S. Foss $3,666.70
N. Bravo $2,628.70
D. Cole $2,125.00
W. Lee $2,121.20

***C. Quina has an affiliation with us and therefore is not eligible for the prizes.