Learn How to Get Hedge Fund Grade Research Reports for Any Ticker Symbol

TradingPub Admin | February 1, 2013

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Review of Jake L’ Ecuyer's Marketfy session - "Learn How to Get Hedge Fund Grade Research Reports for Any Ticker Symbol"

From time to time, we like to share free trading education provided by other traders that we feel might be helpful to you.  We don’t automatically forward this stuff to our patrons and say, watch and learn while hoping it turns out ok for you. We actually take the time to review it and make sure it has value for those of you that might be interested.

Raise your hand the last time you made money because of something you saw on the news on TV... chances are there aren't too many hands in the air right now... check out the following recorded session with Jake and learn how the pros conduct their research!

In this webinar, Jake shows you how it's possible to obtain free hedge fund grade research reports to any stock in the market. He uses factual charts and figures to make the presentation more comprehensive to the audience.

Topic Covered: Learn How to Get Hedge Fund Grade Research Reports for Any Ticker Symbol

High Points: The Process and Secrets Behind the Benzinga Research Desk, Where to Find Information that Matters, How to Sift through the Infinite Data Available and Determining What Data Is Useful for Making a Decision

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Here is some of the information covered during the presentation:

The process and secrets behind Benzinga Research Desk

  • Using wide range resources
  • Watching webinar/presentations across the web
  • Contacting a lot of analysts in New York for brilliant information
  • Having a multitude of traders with industry wide contacts ranging from traders to analysts and pundits to hedge fund managers
  • Having ten people on the desk (a pretty large operation to do researching and extensive network of monitoring systems)

Where to find the information that matters

  • Stay up to date with the analysts-have access to their reports/articles
  • Call them up and have a talk with them for about 5 to 10 minutes to get their view
  • Stop relying on pundits and traders (aka don't buy what the media is trying to sell you)
Sometimes it's not what you know, but who you know...

How to sift through the infinite data valuable

  • Taking advantage of the work of ten excellent people on the desk
  • Determine which data is significant, relevant, and applicable to the audience

Determine what data is useful for making a decision

  • Know the process for identifying the data needed for decision-making.
  • Know the process by which data are used to identify, refine, and problem-solve

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