March Specials

Thanks for being so awesome today!  Here is a recap of all the offers:

Dr. Frank Stanley – Fill out this Survey & Get a Free Class with Frank – Access Here

Steve Bigalow - Major Candlestick Signals Package - Access Here

Scott Andrews - Copy of Slides and DVD Access with code pay97 - Access Here

Casey Stubbs - Free Daily Analysis - Access Here

Dan Cook - Free Defined Risk Video Library - Access Here

Rob Hoffman - Rob's Free Daily Trading Video - Access Here 

Thank you so much for taking the time to join us for today's event which was the largest TradingPub event to date!  We got started at 9:00 am central time and at 2:00 central when we were wrapping up there will still 1000 hardcore traders in the room with us!  We will try to get a copy of the recording posted by Monday afternoon on our website and will email it out to all who registered for this event!  Have a great weekend!


The TradingPub

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