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TradingPub Admin | December 3, 2012

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We watched this video this morning and thought that our Patrons would enjoy it.  The video covers how to filter out 97% of the 7000 stocks listed on the U.S. Exchanges alone.  The same technique could be applied to stocks in Canada, LSE, Australia, Germany and so on and so forth…The first 10 minutes of the video really gives you an overview into what Bill uses in his trading along with a recap of some recent trades before he gets into the strategies he uses to pinpoint stocks to trade:

                                                                                                (Click Video Icon Above)

Rather than just tell you to click on the video and watch it, here are a few things we picked up from it:

-       The market has basically been flat over the past 11 years (assuming buy and hold investors had the gut to stick through the downturns)

-       Do not let the negative market news keep you out of the market but use it to find opportunities using shorter term trend trades

-       Most traders fail by overtrading, risking way too much or blindly following automated systems or forcing trades

-       The Trend Validator Method (strong trending markets after a pullback)

-       Profit Pipeline Method (buying into weakness or selling short into strength)

-       Velocity Method (When the market pauses after being on fire)

-       Finding out Whether or not a stock is trading deliberately or non-delibrately

-       Using the ADX to eliminate non-trending stocks

You can view the video by clicking the following link -  VIEW VIDEO HERE 


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