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Site Administrator | July 26, 2012

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Today's trader talk included traders from several continents and each of our featured speakers shared on trading through event volatility. This session of Trader Talk was unique in that we had a veteran options trader, stock trader and futures trader join us to share with us their perspective on volatility and strategies they use during volatile times in the market to find opportunities. We would especially like to thank Jon Najarian, Fausto Pugliese and Tom Busby for taking the time out of their trading day to be a part of this outstanding educational event!

Some of the topics covered include:

  • The effect of volatility on the retail trader
  • The way larger institutional desks think and act during volatile events
  • How to shadow market makers
  • Trading on Level 3 / Total View
  • Futures trading opportunities during earnings season
  • Strategies to trade grain volatility
Thanks to all the great traders who tuned in to the Pub from around the globe:
Session 1:  Jon Najarian of optionMonster: 
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Session 2: Fausto Pugliese of Cyber Trading University:
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Session 3: Tom Busby of DTI Trader:
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