Nadex Announces Its Brand New Enhancements To Help Your Trading

TradingPub Admin | March 24, 2014

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We are excited to share, with those of you who trade Nadex, that the exchange has announced a new series of enhancements upgrading the Trading Platform and Website based on trader's input and requests. Hopefully, these additional tools will continue to help support your trading and enhance your overall online experience with our friends at Nadex!

Here is What is New:

Integrated Charts

Charts have now been integrated into the trading platform and will therefore load inside the platform, rather than as a separate pop-up application. As the charts are now integrated into the platform, the ability to tear them off or move them outside the platform is no longer possible. To minimize or move charts you will need to drag and drop them within the platform or close them down altogether. We hope to re-introduce the tear-off functionality in the near future. While this is a seemingly small change to the way the charts currently operate, it is the necessary first step for some very exciting improvements coming to the Nadex charts soon. We will keep you informed about these and other further enhancements, and when we will be making them available.

03.24.14 Nadex Post

Countdown to Expiry

Market and Watchlist panels will now display a handy live countdown-to-expiration clock. This will help members keep track of time to expiry and assist in selecting contracts based on the appropriate time horizon for their trade.

Further enhancements on Nadex Indicative Index Display

The Nadex indicative index has been added to Market, Watchlist, Open Position, Working Order and Search panels to provide a readily available snapshot of the relationship between the indicative index and the strike price of your Nadex contracts.* You will need to reset your preferences in order to add this feature permanently to that list.

* Please note chart data is indicative only and may differ from the actual expiration value.

News Section

Nadex has completely redesigned their old Market Commentary section on the website, and have renamed it News. This new section will contain the daily Market Commentary that you are accustomed to, as well as a new News and Analysis section that houses in-depth market reports, analysis and additional economic news. Hopefully the upgrading of this area will become a powerful tool for your overall trading plan.

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Exchange Time Clock added

In response to member demand, Nadex has added an exchange time clock (Eastern Time) to the platform. This time clock, located in the upper right corner of the trading platform, is intended to make it easier for members to keep track of contract opens and expirations in real time, no matter what time zone they may be trading in.

If you have any questions or feedback regarding these enhancements, please email


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