Navigating the Markets with Elliott, Fibonacci and Harmonics

TradingPub Admin | July 31, 2015

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Our primary goal at the Trading Pub is to connect you with some of the top trading experts in the financial industry, so that you can learn from their considerable experience, knowledge and market perspective. And, yesterday's special guest did not fall short of meeting this objective.  Jody Samuels, CEO and founder of FX Traders EDGE, shared insights and techniques for using Elliott Wave theory to trade the markets.

During this value-packed live webinar, Jody covered the following topics in considerable detail:

  • Breaking down, simplifying , and demystifying Elliott Wave theory
  • How to confirm signals using Fibonacci and Harmonics
  • Techniques for finding better trade entries
  • Best positioning for your profit and stop loss targets
  • Live market examples to demonstrating her strategies at work

For those of you who were not able to attend the class we have included a full recording of it below.

For a limited time, Jody is also offering FREE access to her Elliott Wave Introductory Program that includes the following course material:

  • Module #1:  Introduction to Elliott Wave Theory
  • Module #2:  All About Support and Resistance
  • Module #3:  Fundamentals and Candlestick Analysis
  • Module #4:  Advanced Elliott Wave Techniques
  • Access to weekly Elliott Wave Analysis

Signup now and also get special bonus material including:

  • Primer:  Favorite Candlestick Reversal Patterns
  • Video #1:  How Elliott Wave Analysis Explains Market Movements
  • Video #2:  Three Trading Opportunities Identified by Elliott Waves
  • Guide:  Elliott Wave Frequently Asked Questions
  • eBook:  Analysis and Strategy
  • Testimonials:  Stories from Successful Elliott Wave Traders