New Year Trading Delight

TradingPub Admin | January 9, 2015

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At the TradingPub our primary goal is to create a comfortable environment where we can bring the top experts in the financial industry together with retail traders and investors like you. We believe that the quality and quantity of information shared during our Trade-A-Thon events is unsurpassed, and the new ideas presented will help you all become more confident and consistent in your trading activities.

Our January edition of the Trade-A-Thon is now in the books and what a great way to kick-off the New Year!  More than 1,500 of you stopped by to soak up some terrific trading education throughout the day, and we would like to thank you all for your support and help in making this Trade-A-Thon a big success!

We also need to acknowledge our incredible roster of presenters, each of whom took time out of their busy schedules to share their new and innovative ideas for trading the markets. Whether your interests were in stocks, options, futures, forex, or Nadex, we had you covered, and more importantly, everyone took away at least three things they could use in their trading activities right away.

Lastly, we also need to give special thanks to our good friends at for their ongoing support of Trading Pub, and sponsorship of our Trade-A-Thon events. And if for some reason you are not familiar with Nadex, or how to trade  Binary Options, please check out the free video library we have put together on  Binary Options , and why this may be interesting new  way for you to diversify your trading portfolio- Access Here

As promised, here are the video replays of all the presentations that were given at our January 8th, 2015 Trade-A-Thon.  They have been separated by speaker and topic for your convenience and easy reference.


Brian D'Amico - VectorVest

"3 Techniques to Help You Capture the Trades of a Lifetime"

  • Scanning the markets for the best opportunities
  • Refining your entries and exits with precision
  • Eliminating the guesswork from your trading

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Steve Bigalow - Candlestick Forum

"T-Line Trading for Fast Profits"

  • Importance of the 8 period exponential moving average
  • The role that stochastic indicators play
  • Best candlestick patterns to focus on

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Alan Knuckman - Barchart

"Exchange Traded Fund Revolution... Using Limited Risk Option Strategies"

  • Why you should focus on "in-the-money" options
  • Recommended delta and break-even values
  • What is the optimum premium risk to consider

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Fausto Pugliese - Cyber Trading University

"How To Excel In Times Of Extreme Volatility"

  • What are high frequency trades
  • Surprising brokerage firm activities
  • How to use level 2 and level 3 data

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Jody Samuels - FX Trader's Edge

"Latching onto Trends using Elliott, Fibonacci and Harmonics"

  • Identifying tending and sideways moving markets
  • Using Elliott Wave and Fibonacci levels to spot entries
  • Enhancing your market view with Harmonic patterns

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Vince Vora - Trading Wins

"Winning Momentum Strategy"

  • Moving averages that keep you on "right side" of market
  • How to use the Ichimoku Cloud as a filter
  • Using the RSI to help spot the best entry points

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Sean Jantz - Binary Trade Group

"How To Take Your NADEX Trading To The Next Level"

  • What are NADEX Binary Options
  • Why trading NADEX Binary Options is so appealing
  • Favorite set-ups and trading examples

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Anka Metcalf - Trade Out Loud

"Why Swing Trading Earning Season is for Savvy Traders"

  • How to make money during earning's season
  • Game plan for current earnings season
  • Best 20 stocks to own in 2015

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Kurt Capra - Pristine Trading

"How You Can Achieve An Edge Trading Just Like The Professionals"

  • Pros and cons of trading the global Forex markets
  • Keeping you charts simple and free of unnecessary indicators
  • Simple trade set-ups that work in virtually any market

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David Dube - Polaris Trade Group

"Daily Trading Preparation, Routine and Trade Setups"

  • Developing a Standard Trading Operating Procedure
  • Understanding the 3-day market cycle
  • Leveraging the 5-minute opening rotation

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