NinjaTrader Event on Green Saturday!

Site Administrator | November 28, 2011

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After stuffing ourselves with turkey and sides, we recovered just in time for some outstanding education from three very good friends of the TradingPub.  Ray Stein from, Aamar Hussain of and Leslie Jouflas of stopped by the Pub on Saturday to share some high quality education on trading technology, Support and Resistance, Volume Profile and the AB/CD Gartley Pattern.  A few of the topics covered during this session include:

  • NinjaTrader Market Replay
  • Ninja Trader Strategies
  • Proactive vs. Reactive Support and Resistance
  • Volume Profile
  • Retail Trader Positions in Forex
  • AB/CD Gartley Pattern
  • Fibonacci Ratios for Retracement
  • Gartley 222 Pattern
  • And Much Much More!

To view a copy of this recording, please click the following link:

Saturday Webinar Recording

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