Occupy Options Event a Huge Success!

Site Administrator | December 21, 2011

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We had an outstanding turnout as options traders from across the globe occupied the TradingPub this Tuesday afternoon.  We had three outstanding guests share a TON of information on trading options.  Whether you are a beginner or advanced options trader, there is education from this session that everyone can benefit from.  We would especially like to thank our guests, Frank Stanley, Ph.D of, Mike Tosaw of and Dan Passarelli of for sharing outstanding options trading education on the following topics:

•    Options Trading 101

•    Bullish Options Strategies

•    Bearish Options Strategies

•    Advanced Options Trading

•    Options Pricing

•    The Volatility Effect

•    The Vega Trap

•    Alternative Risk Management

•    and Much Much More!

To view this recording, please click the following link:  Option Trading Strategies

***This Thursday, the TradingPub is going to learn from Bennett McDowell of TradersCoach about how to Prosper in Today's Markets!


We hope that you enjoyed the event.  If you have any feedback please let us know!


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