Online marketing gives businesses biggest bang for their buck

TradingPub Admin | November 14, 2012

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Online marketing channels offer businesses the best returns on their investment compared to more traditional channels.

This is according to US-based marketer Jeremy Sisk, who told Macon's Telegraph "the internet is the absolute biggest bang for your buck".

However, in order to get the best results, small businesses should strategise accordingly. Mr Sisk said lack of planning is a "bad mistake" and that organisations should identify what makes them better than their competition and focus their marketing on those points.

"Maybe you are family-owned, have the cleanest rooms or guarantee your service. You need to get that message out," he said.

Other top tips include ensuring that content marketing messages carry a clear call to action and measuring conversions from different channels to see which ones yielded the best results.

Should you be investing in offline marketing?

Last week, one marketing expert told small businesses that newspaper ads are often a worse investment than online channels, as it is just too expensive and may not give the best returns.

Stefan Drew said many small businesses think marketing means it is necessary for them to place a newspaper ad. He added: "I rarely advertise in a newspaper or a magazine. I advertise a lot online but never on a newspaper or in a magazine. It is just too expensive."

One more cost-effective way of increasing brand reach and awareness is content marketing, with blogs emerging as a popular channel for many firms.

Three in ten respondents to the State of Social Media report by Awareness said they plan to invest more in the creation of blogs in the coming year. Overall, 44 per cent of respondents to a Sagefrog study said they plan to increase their spending on marketing, with the majority of budgets dedicated to online marketing activities.